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For eight years prior to breeding my first litter in 2000, I trained my Chesapeakes in obedience, conformation, for field work and hunt tests, and agility. It was just the desire and need for puppy obedience training my first Chesapeake, a female I named Nash, that started me on training as a hobby. Soon I was purchasing more dogs and competing in many AKC venues. I have titled my dogs to the Master Hunter level, obedience Utility level and Master Agility Champion, and was awarded the Top Chesapeake Bay Retriever in AKC agility in 2003. I have competed with my dogs, and handled dogs for others, at most of the American Chesapeake Club's National Specialties and at the AKC/Eukanuba Show Championships and AKC National Agility events.

It is important to give back. I've volunteered as a training assistant for the Deep Peninsula Dog Training club, in Silicon Valley CA, where I was a member for 14 years, before relocating to Virginia in 2008. I also stewarded for many obedience trials and matches other than my own club's events during this time.

My professional career is as a software engineer, programmer and web designer. Because of this it was a relatively easy task, back in 1994 at the start of the Internet boom, to create the first web site devoted to connecting Chesapeake owners and the dissemination of information on the breed. The Chesapeake Bay Retriever Website at CBRS4ME.COM continues this mission to this day. I have also volunteered my services to the AKC parent club, the American Chesapeake Club of which I am also a member since 1993.

My education as a breeder started with good mentors. I've attended many health seminars, breed, and judging seminars and have completed the requirements to earn the Breeder's Education Certificate from the American Kennel Club for the ABC's Of Breeding study program. This course focused on the how-to's of selecting for genetic traits, managing health issues and using breeding strategies for improving the quality of your puppies and your breeding program.

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